Five-Year Warranty (limited)

Sarasota Hurricane Shutters warrants its products against cracking, chipping, peeling, or blistering except for the normal weathering and aging of materials, finished and painted surfaces due to exposure to sun, salt, the elements, corrosive chemicals, or abrasions, and to be free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal and proper use, care and maintenance for a period of five years following the installation thereof. The warranty as provided is subject to all other conditions set forth and contained herein. This warranty does not apply to installed products which have been subject to misuse, neglect, damage by fire, flood, explosion, vandalism, riots, improper water or moisture drainage, radiation, pollutants, falling objects, force of nature or any other form of casualty including failure to follow instructions, directives, operating procedures or recommendations from us for care, maintenance and operations. No warranty is intended nor provided for the water proofing or water tightness of the shutters or their installation.

We will provide the original purchaser/owner with suitable correction, repair and/or replacement, at its option, should any defect or failure to conform with this warranty appear and occur during the specified warranty periods, including required materials, parts, and labor.

We reserves the right to discontinue and/or to modify and change any of its products, part or components without incurring any obligation to modify or change existing products in the event of a replacement pursuant hereto and the products or the portion thereof, referred to in this warranty is not available, We shall, at its sole discretion, substitute the new product, material, or part in place of the original defective one.

This instrument completely defines the warranty of Sarasota Hurricane Shutters. After the period of the warranty set forth herein, there is no express or implied warranty.