Supernova Accordion Shutters

Accordions are the most economical and convenient solution to hurricane protection. They take approximately 10 minutes to close, lock and secure. This allows our customers valuable time to be spent on other necessary preparations before an imminent storm.

• (4) Standard colors available to compliment every home.

• Patented Supernova Design made to withstand sustained hurricane force winds.

• Custom manufactured in our warehouse to our client's specifications.

• Optional clear blade upgrade for our clients that prefer natural light within their home once the shutters have been deployed.

• Added security for our clients that leave their homes for any length of time (like Snowbirds). Keyed locks on every shutter ensure peace of mind for home and valuables.

• Keyed locks mounted on inside or outside (both if wanted)

• Patio area enclosures in order to protect patio furniture and grills.

• Annual Maintenance Plans also available.

• 5 Year Warranty (limited)